On the Issues

Read about the issues important to Jeremy and our state:

Protecting Consumers

Michigan consumers are often vulnerable to becoming victims of identity theft and fraud in an increasingly complicated economy. Jeremy is working with a bipartisan team of lawmakers to offer solutions to protect consumers’ personal financial privacy. He introduced legislation to reduce identity theft and restrict unwanted marketing offers and consumer profiling by requiring financial institutions to request permission to share personal information when customers apply for loans.

Boosting Our Economy

Jeremy’s district is home to diverse industries that contribute to the health of Michigan’s economy. As a result of Jeremy’s focus on economic development, the first legislation he introduced was signed into law to help boost our economy. He introduced House Bill 4197 to allow the Commercial Rehabilitation Act to continue, a tool that local officials in our district used to eliminate commercial blight, attract economic investment and raise property values. The senate version of Moss’ legislation became law in December 2015. Jeremy also voted to create a new state economic development tool that local district officials supported to help them attract developers to revitalize Northland Shopping Center.

Strengthening Public Education

As a public high school school graduate, Jeremy is committed to providing funding and support for public education. Jeremy and House Democrats continue to offer solutions to strengthen public education and fight against state interference and disinvestment in the classroom. He seeks to empower hard-working public school teachers to successfully educate Michigan students. Jeremy is also working to dismantle the DeVos education agenda and hold for-profit charter schools accountable. Charter schools divert the tax dollars that otherwise would go to traditional public schools and can farm out their financial oversight and accountability to for-profit education management companies that aren't subjected to the Freedom of Information Act. Taxpayers have no ability to track the tax dollars they use and how they utilize them. That’s why Jeremy worked with his House colleagues to introduce the School Fact Act which would add transparency to how charter schools operate.

Promoting Fair Elections

The strong partisan divide in Lansing can be attributed to a foundational flaw in our democratic process: allowing partisan officials to draw their own district borders. In a healthy democracy, voters pick their elected representatives. Gerrymandering turns that on its head by allowing politicians to pick their voters. That’s why Jeremy offered a solution to this problem by sponsoring legislation that would create an independent redistricting commission to make Michigan politics fair and more responsive to people. Jeremy also believes that money plays an oversized role in Michigan elections and introduced a plan to limit the influence of wealthy donors in our democracy. He continues to be a leading voice in the legislature to dismantle efforts to supress voter rights.

Preserving Our Environment

Jeremy has long been an advocate for environmental preservation and has earned a 100 percent voting record with both the Michigan's Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Michigan League of Conservation Voters during his first term in office. When outstate developers came to our district to drill for oil in our neighborhoods, Jeremy quickly acted to introduce legislation that would protect our safety and welfare from such activities. He joined with city officials to confront the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to stop them from threatening our health and environment. He also worked with his House and Senate colleagues to restore citizen oversight to the DEQ in order to protect our environment from profit-driven bureaucratic decisions.

Making Healthcare Accessible

Jeremy joined House and Senate Democrats to introduce the Health Care Bill of Rights to keep critical parts of the Affordable Care Act in place in Michigan in the event that national Republicans dismantle the critical care patients need. Democratic efforts would protect people with pre-existing conditions, prevent massive rate hikes, protect essential health benefits and prevent annual or lifetime health care coverage caps. Jeremy is also working to take on excessive prescription drug costs. He remains a staunch supporter of a woman’s right to control her own medical decisions and will not support legislation to restrict reproductive care.

Lowering Insurance Rates

There is a way to lower our ridiculously high auto insurance bills without giving up essential medical coverage. Discriminatory industry practices like redlining are plaguing the residents of metro-Detroit. Jeremy co-sponsored legislation to eliminate non-driving factors that keep our rates high based on a person’s zip code, credit score or education level. He also introduced a plan for Michigan to join the 20 other states that have banned a shady insurance industry practice called ‘price optimization,’ which prevents consumers from seeing rewards and discounts to which they might be entitled. He is also working to make it easier for consumers to shop around for automobile and home insurance policies and understanding their rights by requiring the state to make that information more accessible.

Fighting For The Middle Class

Michigan residents work hard for their money and Jeremy is committed to helping them keep more of it. He joined House and Senate Democrats to offer a solution: the Blueprint for Michigan’s Families. This plan puts Michigan residents and families first, and gives them the tax cuts, deductions and credits they need to really make a difference in their lives. This legislation reverses one of the largest tax shifts in Michigan history and takes aim at stagnant incomes and tax increases that make it difficult to achieve and sustain a middle-class quality of life while coping with the rising costs of living.

Fixing Broken Roads

Jeremy voted against an irresponsible Republican road funding plan that relies on unspecified budget cuts, vehicle registration fee hikes and tax increases at the pump – all while giving generous income tax breaks that benefit Michigan’s wealthiest residents. Instead, Jeremy and House Democrats have offered a solution to Michigan’s road funding crisis that provides a predictable stream of revenue to fix roads by prioritizing and protecting our roads, reforming registration reforms and closing loophole closures, and expecting businesses to pay their fair share.

Assisting Seniors

It is critically important to help our aging population and those with mobility impairments to comfortably stay in their homes. In inner-ring suburbs like those in our district, many existing homes weren’t built to accommodate an aging population or those with physical limitations. That’s why Jeremy offered a solution to provide a tax incentive for individuals who purchase a new residence or retrofit an existing residence that meets accessibility standards. This will help seniors and individuals with a disability stay in their homes while reducing the financial burden of such improvements.

Pushing For Transparency

Michigan ranks dead last among all states in the nation in terms of openness, accountability and ethics. People deserve the right to know how their government operates, how their tax dollars are spent and whether their elected officials are acting in their best interests. As a result of Jeremy’s dedicated work, he led a bipartisan group of legislators to introduce legislation that would remove the exemption of the Governor and State Legislature to the Freedom of Information Act. This common-sense legislation will increase transparency, help the media and the public hold government accountable, and start to rebuild institutional trust that is at an all-time low. In his first term, this legislation passed overwhelmingly in the House but never made it to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. Jeremy is working to renew these efforts to fight for transparency in Michigan.

Honoring Veterans

Michigan has the second-highest veteran unemployment rate in the U.S. Our men and women in armed forces put their lives on the line to defend our freedom and we need to stand up for them when they return home. Jeremy joined House and Senate Democratic leaders to offer a solution to veteran unemployment called the Hire MI Heroes Act, which would allow small business owners that hire unemployed veterans to be eligible for tax credits.