Petition: Support Transparency in State Government!

Wouldn't you like to know how your government spends your tax dollars?

With the Freedom of Information Act, taxpayers can demand access to government documents and find out how and why certain decisions were made on issues that impact our quality of life.

But in Michigan, we don’t have full transparency in state government because we are one of only two states that excludes our Governor’s office and State Legislature from the Freedom of Information Act. And as a result, the Center for Public Integrity ranks Michigan dead last among 50 states in terms of transparency and ethics.

As State Representative, I am fighting to expand the Freedom of Information Act to include the Governor and State Legislature so that you can better understand how your tax dollars are spent.

Join me in this fight! The bills I drafted, House Bills 4148-4157, passed the House unanimously but are now stalled in the Republican-controlled State Senate.

Voice your support and tell your State Senator to expand the Freedom of Information Act!


☑️  "I support expanding the Freedom of Information Act to include the Governor's office and State Legislature and urge my State Senator to vote for House Bills 4148-4157!"