Former Hobbs staffer eyes his House seat


As a college student, Jeremy Moss first walked into Room 799 in the House Office Building in August 2005. Now, eight years later, he's hoping to walk back into the room that's traditionally housed the 35th House District office as a state representative in 2015. 

Moss, a 27-year-old Southfield City Council member and a former legislative staffer, is currently prepping a campaign to replace Rep. Rudy Hobbs (D-Southfield), his former boss, as the representative for the 35th District. 

Hobbs, a second-term member, announced earlier this year that he would run for the 14th District seat in the U.S. House instead of for re-election in 2014. 

That decision provided an opportunity for Moss, who's worked in the 35th District for years. 

Moss previously served as a legislative aide for the district's former member, Rep. Paul Condino and a staffer for Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence. Later, he went on to serve as Hobbs' campaign manager in 2010 and then as his district director. 

In 2011, Moss won his own election. He finished first in a crowded race for Southfield City Council and became the youngest elected official in the city's history. 

Now, Moss said he's talking to friends, neighbors and other 35th District residents about a possible campaign for the House. 

"I'm gearing up to make an announcement soon," Moss said today. 

Moss filed paperwork earlier this month to form a campaign committee for the 35th District seat. 

According to numbers from the firm Target Insyght, the 35th District has an 80 percent Democratic voting base.