Jeremy's Priorities »

Open and Honest Government »

“Sen. Jeremy Moss has worked to improve Michigan’s transparency laws for years”
- Michigan Radio

I am a champion of honesty and ethics in government. I drafted the Legislative Open Records Act to give you more access to the inner-workings of Lansing and more tools to hold your elected officials accountable.

Michigan ranks dead last among all 50 states in government ethics according to a study by the Center for Public Integrity. Their report measured 13 functions of government and Michigan failed 10 of them, including public access to information, legislative accountability, and executive accountability.

Part of the reason for our failing grade is Michigan is one of only two states in which the governor and legislators are not subject to document requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). I've long been a champion in seeking to fix this law and am leading a bipartisan coalition working on this issue that is committed to seeing it through.

Read my editorial in the Detroit News about expanding FOIA in Michigan


Justice Reform »

“Michigan senators chart a path to real police reform”
- Detroit Free Press

I am working with colleagues in the Senate to root out racial inequities in policing and fix our broken justice system. I sponsored the law that reduces barriers for returning citizens who are seeking employment. 

Our police departments can only keep our communities safe if our constituents trust those who are hired to protect them. We must ensure that bad cops who repeatedly and dangerously breach policy are removed from the force, rather than allowing them to transfer across jurisdictions to soil another department. I introduced Senate Bill 474 to require more information be maintained in an officer's record -- including excessive force violations -- and that it be made available to other agencies where the office may seek employment as another tool to maintain the integrity of our public safety departments.

I also successfully sponsored Public Act 388 of 2020 to restrict how a person's past criminal conviction can impact their ability to receive an occupation license from the state. When someone has paid their debt to society, they deserve a chance to find a job and become productive members of our community without additional predisposed barriers or prejudice to their employment. We should be encouraging returning citizens who continue on their path toward reform to better themselves, provide for their families, and contribute to Michigan's economy.

Read the Detroit Free Press editorial about our bipartisan Senate police reform proposals


Voting Rights »

“Moss said the legislation feeds the same lies that fueled the Jan. 6 insurrection”
- MLive

I am leading the fight in the Senate against Republican bills that would make it harder to vote in Michigan. I will protect your access to your ballot and confront Trump-backed lies about our election.

The right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy. I am leading the fight against legislation meant to suppress that right and, in some cases, strip it away altogether. Instead the legislature should enact positive reforms to ensure fair, accessible, and efficient elections.

Michigan's election administrators need adequate resources and proper training for each election. I'm also working on proposals to permit clerks to start processing absentee ballots much earlier, just as other states do, thereby expediting the results and avoiding election night chaos.

Read my editorial in the Detroit News about securing our right to vote


Housing »

“Moss worked as part of the first bicameral, bipartisan low-income housing coalition”
- MIRS News

I am focused on revitalizing our housing stock. I updated our housing laws to allow more homeowners to apply for reduced property taxes as they make needed home upgrades.

Housing stability impacts all of us, including working families seeking affordable homes, local employers recruiting new talent, and Michigan communities maintaining safe neighborhoods. I joined with colleagues on a bipartisan bill package to increase local control and flexibility for housing programs and help Michigan's workforce access attainable, market-rate housing.

I also introduced legislation to lift the financial burden from those seeking to live an independent life by providing a tax credit to homeowners who retrofit their homes to meet accessibility standards. Many existing homes across communities in our district were not built to accommodate those with physical limitations or seniors wishing to age in place.

Read my editorial in Crain's Detroit about creating an attainable housing market


Education »

"Michigan lawmakers pass historic $17B for schools to close funding gap"
- Bridge Michigan

I was educated in our district and proudly delivered record funding to our public schools. We must protect our historic investment from being raided by the for-profit DeVos education agenda.

Michigan's public school system must enable all students, regardless of their zip code, to acquire the advanced skills and knowledge needed to compete for jobs in an ever-changing global economy. I supported an historic K-12 budget that provides more equitable funding among public school districts to ensure each child has the foundation for success.

Meanwhile, for-profit charter schools have largely gone unchecked, taking public education dollars that can disappear into an untraceable system. I introduced legislation in the School FACT Act to require charters be subjected the same financial, academic and ethical accountability standards as our public schools.


Roads and Infrastructure »

"Michigan Democrats promote climate resilience plan in wake of flooding"
- Detroit News

We need support to upgrade our infrastructure in Michigan. I've put forward solutions and some of that work has already been signed into law by Gov. Whitmer.

Our communities in metro-Detroit endured a state of emergency after widespread flooding and storm damage last summer. I introduced legislation centered in our Climate Resiliency Plan that would help our neighborhoods and roads to become more resilient to extreme, more frequent weather events caused by climate change. Massive storms, flooding, and power outages over the past few years have illustrated a clear need for investments in weatherization, infrastructure, and bold policy changes in order to better protect Michiganders, while creating local jobs.

And as all Michiganders know, our broken roads and bridges need to be fixed. I worked with colleagues across the aisle to offer a creative solution that would allow municipalities to enter into public-private partnerships to help with financing and management of needed bridge repairs, which Gov. Whitmer signed into law in 2020.


Reproductive Freedom »

"Democratic lawmakers introduce abortion-rights legislation"
- Michigan Radio

I am the only pro-choice candidate running in our State Senate primary. I am partnering with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan to protect reproductive freedom and am proud to earn their endorsement.

I’m appalled and disgusted by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade. This ruling is dangerous and will immediately put people’s health at risk, stripping away their bodily autonomy and imposing personal health and family planning decisions upon them. It is also out-of-touch and discards the real-life implications that people who become pregnant deal with and dictates policy that a majority in this state and country do not want.

The decision must be met with action -- we need a pro-choice majority in the Legislature who will join my sense of urgency to end Michigan’s 1931 abortion felony law. We must mobilize to protect access to safe and legal abortion. I will fight to protect choice.


Gun Reform »

"State Senator outraged as new gun legislation efforts stalls following Texas school shooting"
- Fox 2 Detroit

I am fed up with the Republican inaction on common-sense gun reform. We must demand action on our legislation to reduce gun deaths and injuries.

I'm a founding member of our Gun Violence Prevention Caucus in the Michigan Legislature, formed in 2016. We have introduced well-researched, proven measures that would mitigate gun violence in our communities, including universal background checks, safe storage requirements, reduced magazine capacity, and red flag laws.

Each mass shooting and everyday gun violence sorely demonstrates the failures of the majority in our Michigan Legislature, who squander opportunities to take preventative measures to reduce gun deaths and injuries. The time for action was long ago and I will continue to demand a vote on our legislation to prevent gun violence.


Equality »

"State Democrats continue call to expand Michigan's civil rights protections"
- Michigan Radio

I am working to provide justice to Michiganders who face discrimination in our state. We must break down the barriers that make it harder to raise a family in Michigan.

No one in Michigan should be evicted and fired solely based on who they love or how they identify. I am leading the call to expand the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act by adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of existing protected classes. I sponsored legislation to add Michigan to the 20 other states that protect LGBTQ individuals from housing and employment discrimination.

I am also an ally to the Progressive Women's Caucus in the State Legislature, and sponsored and co-sponsored legislation to protect reproductive health care, close the pay gap, support child care and implement family leave time.