In Michigan, disagreement over the significance of gerrymandering and how to address it


Eastern Michigan University junior Allen Maxson looked at a map of Michigan’s congressional districts and saw something “like a map of Europe in the middle of World War 2.” State Rep. Jeremy Moss (D–Southfield) saw “a squiggly mess." And Wayne State Prof. Kevin Deegan-Krause saw a “creepy lizard” in what is better known as Michigan’s 14th congressional district, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Sanctuary cities would be prohibited under a proposed bill in the House of Representatives


Communities and counties would be prohibited from enacting ordinances that would identify them as a sanctuary city, unwilling to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, under a pair of bills considered by a House of Representatives committee on Wednesday. 

Representative Jeremy Moss named ‘Legislator of the Month’ by Progress Michigan


Progress Michigan named Representative Jeremy Moss the Legislator of the Month for March. Representative Moss was awarded for his leadership in the fight to bring more transparency and accountability to state government by making the governor’s office and state legislative bodies subject to open records laws.


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