House OKs open records plan as Senate shows opposition


The House unanimously approved Thursday an 11-bill package to subject the offices of the governor and state lawmakers to open records requests.

But even as the Senate proceeds with a similar plan to shine a light on shielded documents at the Legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder’s office, the issue could die in Senate because Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof is opposed.

Michigan FOIA expansion bills tweaked in committee


The House Competitiveness Committee is expected to act Thursday on bills expanding public records acts to the governor's office and legislature under new, tightened language.

Michigan is one of two states that currently does not subject the legislature or governor to its open records laws, which helped the it earn the bottom spot on a 2015 ranking of transparency among the states.

Late-night tax drama reveals GOP's leadership challenge


Michigan has a flat income tax, so the cut would have applied equally to all earners. But what's real money to folks at the high end of the scale equates to pennies for others. As state Rep. Jeremy Moss, D-Southfield, noted, the average person in his neighborhood making $35,000 a year would have seen a savings of roughly $10 a month. By contrast, someone pulling down $350,000 a year would save $100 a month.


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