State representatives, activists prepare to squash anti-refugee bill


Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield), who also voted "no", told The AANews via email the resolution was "factually and morally wrong."

He added that legislators would better serve their constituents by working to promote compassion for refugees, as has been a basic tenet of our democracy.

"Refugees from Syria and other unstable parts of the world are seeking relief and safety from violently oppressive governments and terrorist organizations," he said. "These individuals and their families have asked the United States for the cloak of safety and security; and in keeping with the best traditions of this nation and our standing in the world, our political leaders should extend a welcoming hand to Middle Eastern refugees."

No immediate committee vote planned for retiree health care changes


There is no set time frame on bills designed to cut down on unfunded retiree health care liabilities for Michigan communities, House Speaker Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant told the House Local Government Committee on Thursday.

"I'm not interested in setting a timeline," Cotter said, noting that he was willing to work with people who wanted this bill to go forward.


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